What is DocuBank and why do I need it?


What is DocuBank and why do I need it?

Keeping your documents secure, safe and accessible in Northern California

DocuBank is an accessible document storage system that allows you to review and retain all your important document information. It has an encryption software package and a login to insure that all your most important documents are secure and accessible when you need them the most. DocuBank allows users the ability to review information and make it easier to access vital information when you need it most. DocuBank also allows users to add other documents to the client’s electronic safe such as Birth Certificates, Tax Returns, Deeds, Agreements, Financial Statements, even family Photo's.

Why Do I need DocuBank?

It is not surprising that many Wills and Trusts are lost or thrown away. I have many clients that had trusts prepared but were subsequently thrown away or misplaced and their loved one’s cannot find the paperwork. If a will or trust is lost or simply cannot be found a Probate will need to be filed and the property will be distributed by the laws of California Intestacy. The Probate process is lengthy, costly and very public and probably the reason the Estate Plan was created in the first place.  

What Documents Go in to the Safe?

Revocable Living Trust

Power of Attorney for Managed Assets

Digital Wallet

Marriage and Birth Certificate

Insurance Policies

Financial Statement from Retirement Plans

Tax Documents

“When my husband passed I was able to access all of our online accounts, get bills paid and transfer accounts. This was a tremendous relief that I didn’t have to search through old boxes and closets to find out where everything was.”

DocuBank works in conjunction with a hardcopy version of all of your Estate Planning documents that will be delivered to you at the signing meeting at our offices in Santa Rosa, California.


James Zakasky
An estate attorney who goes beyond drafting wills and creating trusts