What are AHCD Emergency Cards and Why Do I need One?

DocuBank emergency card

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Emergency Cards - Helping First Responders in the case of an Emergency in Santa Rosa, California 

An Advanced Health Care Directive or HIPPA Authorization is only good if it is implemented at the time it is most needed, when a first responder provides care.  When an Ambulance arrives, when the fire department respond to a call or when the Highway Patrol are called how will you inform these key people of your medical information and status?

The DocuBank Emergency Card

The DocuBank Emergency Card give first responders all the key links to your:

Advanced Health Care Directive

HIPPA Authorization Form

Living Will

With access to this information First Responders will be able to inform your Health Care Agent of your situation so that they can be on hand to insure that you are being treated as you have requested in your Advanced Health Care Directive.

With access to this information First Responders will be able to access all information necessary from all medical providers to insure the highest standard of care for you at the time of the emergency.

With access to this information all medical facilities that you might be put into such as assisted living have to be approved by your Health Care Agent.  

The Law Office of James A. Zakasky provides DocuBank for all its clients so that you not only have great legal documents but you have a system and a plan that works when you need it most.

Along with the DocuBank Emergency Cards, Docubank also provides the electronic SAFE. SAFE is a secured encrypted storage area that safeguards all of your Estate Planning Documents and any other personal files such as Financial Statements, Tax Returns or even Family Photos.

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