Why do I need a Trust?

If you have a will or no will at all, when you die all your property mainly real property (you home) and retirement income (401K, certain pensions, savings accounts and IRA's) must be put into a Govenment process called probate. Probate is controlled by the California Courts which means that the State of California will oversee who and what gets your property. The probate process takes from 6 to 12 months and you will have to hire an Attorney that will need to accurately and swiftly transfer your property to your spouse, domestic partner and or children. However,  a TRUST can transfer your property at death by a simple administration avoiding probate and putting all property into the hands of your spouse, domestic partner and or children. A TRUST portfolio at our office will include all necessary documents including a Revocable Living Trust, Powers of Attorney (Healthcare and Financials) and all instructions. Transfer documents placing property into the TRUST are included as well. A living Trust accomplishes:

1. Avoids probate and costly attorney fees and government supervision.

2. Swift transition of your assets to your loved ones.

3. Orginization and all decisions that you want made with your life completed.

James Zakasky
An estate attorney who goes beyond drafting wills and creating trusts